Give Help

We are re-doing our page here so forgive us. Come back Thursday the 26th 2020.

Finding ways to help other people doesn’t just make you feel good, it makes your world better. Yes, this sounds like a cheesy thing to say but if you help your community than isn’t it going to be a better place? Helping others actually helps yourself. Think of it as good Karma. Think of it as putting money in the bank. Think of it as doing what you would want people to do for you if you were in need of help.

This section will most definitely grow. For now, we are starting with Maury. Maury is a dog that is about to be put to sleep. Read his story here. is a great place to find out how to help and where to start helping others around the world. This site is very easy to use and easy to get started helping others. They even have a web page called “Current Crisis List” so that you can find places around the world that are in crisis right now and how you can help.