As the list below illustrates millions upon millions of people belong to a wide variety of religions spread across our fragile globe. Each religion has its own history, unique cultural practices, important beliefs, and always hopes to bring solace and comfort to its adherents.

When we find our selves searching for the type of fulfillment we have come to associate with satisfying our souls, undoubtedly there are members of each of these religions who have found some or all of what they were looking for as a “seeking individual” in the practice of these religions.

Increasingly it seems that the modern world and the power of its ever-growing scientific discoveries may be trying to pull us farther away from the urge to turn to these religions to find the answers we are looking for.

Keep in mind always that QUESTIONS are a vital part of looking for answers.

Practicing or even just researching, reading about or studying any or all of these religious traditions may turn out to be a beneficial thing to the person who takes the time to do so.

You don’t need to be Christian or Muslim or Jewish to read the Bible, the Koran, or the Torah. You don’t need to be religious to learn about religions and perhaps benefit from having done so. You need only to be curious and it helps to have an open mind.

You may find that many of them have commonalities. Shared methods, symbols and stories that can begin to help you realize we are not all as different, and need not be as divided, as we may seem to be.

While searching the various traditions for something that resonates with you personally you will be treading upon ground that has helped millions before you find something that spoke directly to them.

Just as a family has personal stories it tells to itself over and over so that even just the telling helps them see themselves more clearly as a family, so the human family has religion to help see itself as part of something larger, whatever that might be.

Consider Religion. Consider Science too. Consider yourself one with all of it.

Seek, And hopefully with a bit of luck,

Ye shall find.

Religions around the world based on population:

(as per Wikipedia )

  1. Christianity 2.1 billion
  2. Islam 1.5 billion
  3. Non-Adherent (Secular/Atheist/Irreligious/Agnostic/Nontheist) 1.1 billion
  4. Hinduism 900 million
  5. Chinese folk religion 394 million
  6. Buddhism 376 million
  7. Primal indigenous (“Pagan“) 300 million
  8. African traditional and diasporic 100 million
  9. Sikhism 23 million
  10. Juche 19 million
  11. Spiritism 15 million
  12. Judaism 14 million
  13. Bahá’í Faith 7 million
  14. Jehovah’s Witnesses 6.5 million
  15. Jainism 4.2 million
  16. Shinto 4 million
  17. Cao Dai 4 million
  18. Zoroastrianism 2.6 million
  19. Tenrikyo 2 million
  20. Neo-Paganism 1 million
  21. Unitarian Universalism 800,000
  22. Rastafari movement 600,000