The Soul

Like your life, will go through changes again and again and again. We’ve redone this site 20 times and we’re right in the middle of another new change (April 2020). Come back often to see what happens. T Foley

Out of all the things in life that I believe in the most, it’s probably the things you can’t see the most: love, the fact that we are all connected, and the soul. Science has yet to prove any of these, accept them, and yet they have more validity to me than all else. T Foley

I should just stop there because, in a way, I could be writing for all eternity trying to examine, reference and prove the existence of a soul. People have written books; some have written many. I won’t be writing for all eternity but I will take on the task a little at a time. AND (and here’s a big AND…), I will take on the arguments “against” the existence of a soul and reference authors and famous quotes to have that argument right here. Why not?

To just give my opinion or say, “Well, this is what I believe and that’s that” is too easy and a bit thin and weak. It is now April 1st, 2020, I am going to add each week so please come back. Until than, a few quotes…

Joy, feeling one’s own value, being appreciated and loved by others, feeling useful and capable of production are all factors of enormous value for the human soul.  Maria Montessori

Love is the beauty of the soul. Saint Augustine

Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul. Dorothy Day

You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. C.S. Lewis

The soul is the truth of who we are. Marianne Williamson