Like your life, SoulSolution.com will go through changes again and again and again. We’ve redone this site 20 times and we’re right in the middle of another new change (April 2020). Come back often to see what happens. Tf

SoulSolution.com was born in 1999. It was created by T. Foley, founder of 543 Interactive, Inc., a New York based media company. The purpose of creating Soul Solution was to gather and share ideas about focusing on the soul. We specifically want to focus on four areas: 1 We have a hole in our soul and we should fill that hole. 2 What do we fill that hole with? And 3 Think of our soul and other’s when trying to resolve an issue or conflict with an individual or group.

You might here someone say, “I have a hole in my soul, can you help me fill it?” Or, “I have a hole in my soul and I can’t fill it.” Mostly, you don’t here anything remotely close to either because most people are either filling that hole with too much junk and sugary foods, drugs, alcohol, sex, self validation through social media, or other dysfunctional behavior. People also resolve conflict and issues with no regard to anyone or anything else except themselves, which might be good in the short run but many times bad in the long run. We aren’t here to say, “Do what we tell you. Behold the word of God.” Some of us believe in God and others don’t. You don’t need to believe in God to be here and we don’t care what religion you are a part of if you are a part of one. You can believe in having a soul regardless of your affiliation.  You can believe in having a soul even if you’re an atheist or agnostic. 

You have a soul. What do you do with it? Do you feed it what it needs and wants? Are you filling that hole in your soul with something good? Are you resolving things in your life with regard to your soul and other’s? And so, there is Soul Solution. There is a solution, a soul solution.

There is a solution. A soul solution. SoulSolutin.com

Understanding or acknowledging the importance of our soul with regard to how we solve problems and what we fill our lives with helps us become happier and healthier.

Once again, this website does not promote or suggest any religion nor do we promote atheism. It is important for you to know that we are not here to proselytize, convert you, or place any judgement or opinion on what you think about God or religion. We won’t even tell you about what we believe because it’s irrelevant. 

We are here to simply share the idea that we all have a soul. And many of our solutions should be based on this. Call this a website about humanity, caring for yourself and others, or digging deeper into who and what we are. This is SoulSolution.com

We welcome any feedback and comments on how this could be bigger, better, and more helpful.

Thank you,

T. Foley