Soul Solutions

There are solutions to almost every thing in the world and in your life. Obviously changing the oil for you car would not require a soul solution, but many other problems in our world and in your life could and should have a solution based on our soul and the collective souls of others. Think of the world problems that there are and how might we fix them (global issues like natural disasters, poverty, war, malnutrition, health, etc…). Now think about local issues or issues you may have with or within yourself (issues like your health, relationships, depression, self destructive behavior, etc…) There is a solution to many of these where we should consider our soul and the collective souls of others. Consider the soul solution.

We want a good solid list of “soul solutions.”

Please go to our contact page and send us your “ideal” soul solution.

We will start the list with a few and add on later.

1. Karma repair

2. Therapy (whether it is self work, using a therapist, or talking it all out with “critical but positive” friends.

3. Forgiving

4. Giving (charity, helping others, giving of your time not just your money or donating your used clothes)

5. Understanding (learning who you really are and understanding others

6. Listening

7. Being quiet

8. Meditation (yes, it’s actually different from just being quiet)

9. yoga

10. Love (giving, sharing, sending)